Get the Proven System to Launch Your Programs and Grow Your Lucrative, Lifestyle Business!

Dear Purpose-Driven Entrepreneur,

I know you have a BIG vision for your business. You’re ready to make great money with more freedom. And you’re passionate about helping 1,000’s of people with your message. You have a Divine Purpose to make a big impact in the world. Staying small is just too painful and out of alignment.

Your ideal clients are waiting for you to reach them. So it’s time to stop holding back. If you’re sick of struggling on your own…

If you’re tired of being limited in the dollars-for-hours cycle…

If you’re unclear about the best steps to expand your business online…

And if you’re frustrated with marketing that falls flat…

You’re not alone - and I’d love to support you.

I created The Irresistible Messenger Inner Circle to help you grow your own lucrative, lifestyle business with abundance and ease...

This exclusive mentoring program is perfect for you if…

  • You want to add $100,000 or more to your business in the next year. 
  • You want successful online programs full of your ideal clients
  • You’re ready to grow your email list by the 1,000’s
  • You’re committed to taking action and making your vision REAL

In my Irresistible Messenger Inner Circle, you’ll create life-changing programs and fill them with clients during your membership. This a make-money-while-you-learn program.

You get the complete proven system to launch your online business. I give you the quickest, easiest path to BIG growth with more freedom.

This exclusive mentoring program is completely unique. You won’t find any other business course like it.

The secret sauce to make your online marketing highly effective is... irresistible messaging. You need crystal clear, client captivating words in everything you create, from your program to your web pages, webinars, emails, social media posts and videos. 

Nothing works without finely honey marketing messages that are positioned to express your value and attract highly invested ideal clients to you. 

I am a master copywriting mentor, and the coaches on my team are highly trained, talented copywriters. Our specialty is empowering you with truly irresistible words that stand out and get a huge response. 

You’ll be able to confidently fill your programs. You’ll enroll high paying clients who are excited to work with you. You’ll attract powerful Joint Venture Partners who promote your offers. 

You’ll see your email list grow fast. Your message will start making a bigger difference, and it’s going to feel AMAZING to see your impact.

Watch These Inspiring Success Stories From Our Inner Circle Graduates…

Ka and Katie Sundance

"We quadrupled our business and had our 5th baby in the same year!"

"We have a freedom-based business that allows us to travel with our whole family. Since joining Vrinda’s program, we have quadrupled our business income! We did it in the same year we had our fifth baby.  

We made four product launches, which is pretty amazing, earning over $150,000.  If you are thinking about joining one of Vrinda’s programs, I highly support you. You will not regret this investment. It did us so much good. Investing in yourself will create more abundance, joy and meaning in your life."

Sue Paananen

“I increased my monthly income by 10x and grew my business to 6-figures!”

“When I first started with Vrinda’s program, I was still in a full-time job hoping to grow my business so I could quit my job.

Working with Vrinda really helped me charge what I’m worth and enroll my ideal clients. In just 1 year, i increased my monthly income by 10x and grew my business to 6-figures!

Vrinda’s program was life-changing for me. I’m now out of my job and running a successful business I love.”

Sarah Hutchison

“I had a very successful launch where I tripled my income!”

“A year ago I was burning with a desire to deliver my message and make the world a better place. I was divinely guided to Vrinda and as soon as I saw her first video online I knew she was my next teacher to take me to the next level.

Now I can’t believe the transformation! In my personal live and my financial life. I had a very successful launch where I tripled my income. And planned a successful telesummit with yoga and wellness leaders around the world.

The world needs what you know. Good Luck!"

Brandy Mychals

“I added over 10,000 to my email list, tripled my revenues and grew to 7-figures in 1 year!”

“For years I worked with clients 1-on-1 and presented to groups. But when I decided to take my business online I felt nervous. 

Now I can say, “Wow.” I learned amazing things from Vrinda and my online business is growing rapidly. 

In just the past year I added over 10,000 people to my email list, I created several successful online program launches and tripled our revenues to over 7-figures!”

Jennifer Russell

I'm celebrating three successful launches that earned $40,000! 

I'm thrilled with the results from my Abundance for Lightworkers Summit and my Angels of Abundance course. My email list has more than tripled to nearly 5,000 people. I have been following Vrinda's system and it works.

Why This Program WORKS...

I love mentoring highly committed entrepreneurs who are ready to go for it!

Your mission is way too important for you to play small. You’re READY to be all in and skyrocket to the next level. 

The Inner Circle is such a powerful program because it’s in-depth and gives you the comprehensive step-by-step system to create and launch lucrative programs. You build the foundation for your lifestyle business so you can earn more and work less for the rest of your life. 

This isn’t a short-term introductory course that gives you a piece but leaves you wondering what’s next. It’s not just a bunch of information that overwhelms you. It’s definitely NOT a big impersonal group where you’re just a number. 

The Inner Circle breaks down the complex world of online marketing into easy-to-follow stages that meet you where you’re at...and gracefully guide you to higher levels of income and impact. 

You get true implementation support and experiential training so you can grow with confidence. You get customized coaching to apply our proven strategies to your business. You become crystal clear about your message, your plan and how to move forward with ease. 

In essence, you learn exactly how to create a marketing machine that can earn $25,000 to $100,000 (or more) in a 30-day launch. You can “rinse and repeat” this system as often as you like, adding 6-figures, even 7-figures to your revenues each year. 

I’ve seen this program dramatically change my clients’ lives - empowering them to go from making just $20,000 a year to earning over $500,000 a year. They’re stepping up as leaders, messengers and successful entrepreneurs.

Discover the 9 Keys to Launch Online...
In the Irresistible Messenger Inner Circle, you learn my complete Irresistible Launch Formula. This is what I’ve used to earn over $7 million from my online programs. 
Your Lucrative, Lifestyle Business Model

The Lucrative, Lifestyle Business Model shows you how all your programs and services fit together so it’s easy to enroll clients from one course to the next as they continue growing with you. It helps you simplify your offerings so you work less and make a bigger impact - and enjoy more profits.

Your High-Ticket Program Launch Plan

One launch plan does not fit all! You need a specific proven strategy to fill high-ticket premium programs. In the Inner Circle, you’ll get the complete formula to attract qualified potential clients online and guide them from interested to invested. Our clients have used this plan to confidentially enroll clients in courses that are $1,000 to $10,000 each.

Your Irresistible Client Attracting Website

You’ll discover the step-by-step blueprint for exactly which pages you need and where they go. You’ll also get support to craft irresistible copy for every page so you inspire clients to take the next step. We’ll take the overwhelm OUT of website creation so you can get yours up and launch with amazing results!

Your Powerful Joint Venture Partners

The BEST way to grow your email list is to have referral partners, or Joint Venture partners. In the Inner Circle, I show you how to find great JV partners, get their attention and inspire them to promote your launch. Whether you have an email list or not, you’ll discover the steps to make powerful alliances with the right partners who give you high-quality referrals and boost your program sales.

Your Captivating Webinar

A preview webinar is an essential element of your launch to build relationships with your potential clients. When you do it right, your webinar will keep your ideal clients riveted and make them excited to join your program. It can even double your launch sales. In the Inner Circle, you’ll learn the complete formula to create your own captivating webinar, plus you’ll get valuable mentoring to make your program offer with clarity and confidence.

Your Engaging Emails

Short, compelling emails attract 1,000’s of your ideal clients to your website. They’re the most important element to make sure your program gets noticed by the right people. In the Inner Circle, you’ll get the exact steps to craft authentic, engaging launch emails that get a huge response. You’ll learn how to get more people to open your emails, click to your web pages and join your program.

Your Facebook Marketing

Facebook is a giant hub for our ideal clients - you need to build a presence there and get the word out about your launch. Marketing on Facebook is a powerful strategy to grow your list and your program enrollments - that’s what I show you how to do, step by step, in the Inner Circle.

Build Your List with Collaborations

Telesummits and Giveaways are the most effective list building collaborations to attract 1,000’s of your ideal clients in just a few weeks. They’re a great way to get known in your industry and make high-impact joint venture partnerships. Hosting one of these virtual events will rapidly grow your visibility online, and it will make your program launches a lot more lucrative.

Your Low-Ticket Program Launch Plan

A low-ticket scalable program is a great entry level offer for your ideal clients. There’s almost no limit to how many people can join this type of course. You can sell it online automatically and get new orders 24-7, even when you’re on vacation. In the Inner circle, you learn exactly how to create and fill scalable programs with your own online sales system.

Get Customized Mentoring to 
Skyrocket Your Business Online...
The Irresistible Messenger Inner Circle gives you a full year of in-depth mentoring to grow your lucrative, lifestyle business. There are different levels of access that give you different benefits. You’ll learn more about which level is best for you on your 1-1 Clarity Call.

Here’s a sneak peek at the Inner Circle benefits available...
  • There are 12 training modules that teach you the complete Irresistible Launch formula and all of the 9 key elements. They’re convenient and rich with valuable systems and templates to make growing your programs easy.
  • There are Group Mentoring Calls led by our Irresistible Marketing Trainer, Sarah. She supports you with incredible coaching on your marketing messages, strategies, and even your mindset. She helps you breakthrough stuck spots so you can move forward with ease.
  • There are Group Mentoring calls with me. You get my customized feedback and guidance. I love answering your questions and helping you create the most successful program launches.
  • There’s an exclusive Facebook group so you can get support and resources whenever you need. Our members are making valuable connections all the time!
  • There are private 1-1 sessions with our Irresistible Marketing coach, Brieanna. She’s specialized to help you craft your irresistible website copy, clarify your offers, and plan your launches. Working with her gets you bigger results with less effort.
  • There’s a customized launch planning checklist, created for your unique timing and strategies. Your coach will walk you through every step of your launch and keep you clear and on track.
  • There are 2 Live Retreats for powerful training and coaching. We help you master the 2 most important areas to expand your business: enrolling clients in your programs and growing your email list. These retreats are so incredibly valuable. In fact, many of our clients attract a rush of sales shortly after attending. 
  • There are done-for-you website services. Our very own talented website designer can create your client-captivating website for you. You don’t have to be tech-savvy or get overwhelmed looking for the right technical team. Our designer is specialized in my proven, irresistible launch website formula.
It’s time for you to launch!

When you’re ready, your mentor shows up. That’s when you need to say YES and commit to your vision. Trust yourself. You were born to make a bigger impact. You deserve to make great money sharing your gifts. AND you can have it all with more freedom.

Now is your time to launch! You don’t have to stall or struggle alone anymore. The clear, proven path is here for you. The Inner Circle gives you the deeply supportive mentoring, coaching and community you need to grow with clarity and confidence. 

Here’s your next step..

Next Step: Secure Your Clarity Call

I’m opening up a few spots in the Irresistible Messenger Inner Circle. If you’d like to know more and be considered for a spot in this exclusive mentoring group, secure your 1-1 Clarity Call now with our Irresistible Marketing Coach.

We’ll help you get crystal clear on what YOU need to expand your online business and launch high-profit, high-impact programs. We’ll see if the Inner Circle is the right next step for you.

Because our coach’s calendar books up so fast, you need to pay a small $97 Refundable Deposit to secure your Clarity Call now. If you discover the Inner Circle is not the right fit for you, we’ll refund your complete deposit right away. If you decide to join, we’ll apply it towards your tuition.

Secure your Clarity Call Now with the 
$97 Refundable Deposit
Still Have Questions?

Ask me any questions about the course and I’ll help you get clear so you know if it’s the right fit for you.


You are very important to us. Once you submit your question, a knowledgeable member of the Irresistible Online Marketing team will contact you personally to provide answers about our program.

My team and I look forward to celebrating your huge success!

Vrinda Normand

The Irresistible Marketing Mentor